The Royal League selection programme

With FANselect, the newest selection software from Ziehl-Abegg, you can quickly and easily determine the most suitable axial and centrifugal fans for your demands.

Based on the measurements performed in the Ziehl-Abegg InVent Technology Centre, FANselect has the most precise data available in the ventilation technology sector.
After entering the basic conditions, the ideal product for every requirement can be found with just a few clicks. Furthermore, all necessary product information such as technical data or the SFP class can be obtained, and fan to fan comparisons are easily performed.
Another feature is the integrated LCC (Life Cycle Costs) module, which facilitates calculating life cycle operating costs.

Please note that the AMCA-certification for the products which can be selected with FANselect, is yet to come.

Following Fans are included in FANselect:

Axial fans
  • MAXvent owlet
  • FE2owlet
  • FE2owlet with ZAplus
  • FE2owlet-ECblue
  • FE2owlet-ECblue with ZAplus

  • Vpro
  • Vpro-ECblue
  • Cpro
  • Cpro-ECblue
  • C
  • C-ECblue
  • C-ATEX


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